“Tell us!”

Share your experience of traumatic traffic or sports injuries

    About this project

    Have you been in a bike accident? Who knows best how to examine and treat traumatic traffic or sports injuries? The answer is: people who deal with these on a daily basis – i.e. physicians, therapists, nurses or orderlies. But patients themselves have also gained first-hand valuable experience!


    Research in the field of injury diagnosis and treatment is usually carried out by researchers from specialized disciplines. Despite improvements in medical care in the field of accidental injuries, conventional research does not always meet the clinical needs of patients. To improve diagnosis and treatment after accidents, it is absolutely necessary to incorporate clinical experience into research. Your knowledge is valuable!


    "Tell us!" is a time-limited crowdsourcing project by the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft, carried out in cooperation with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical and Experimental Traumatology. Starting on the 8th of May 2018, medical researchers are deploying an online platform over a period of 8 weeks in the search for new research questions that can subsequently be included in research.


    To participate, register on the "Tell Us!" project website, submit your research question and contribute your knowledge about accidental injuries. You can make a submission in English or German. This includes, for instance, your own experience as a patient and/or providing patient support as a caregiver. Your research questions are extremely valuable – they provide researchers an opportunity to broach new questions with relevance for clinical practice issues and to answer these questions scientifically.