Project Splatter

Creating a UK map of wildlife roadkill

    About this project

    At the end of 2012 there were 34.5 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads in Great Britain (DVLA). The number of animals killed on the roads in the United States is estimated at a million per day. About 350,000 to 27 million birds are estimated to be killed on European roads each year.


    In the United Kingdom, we currently do not know what the impact of roads are on our wildlife. Project Splatter is a citizen science research project at Cardiff University that has been collating UK wildlife roadkill data since 2013 with the aim of estimating that impact.


    Let researchers know where, when and what species you have seen as roadkill on UK roads via Twitter or Facebook. They will use your data to determine what impact roads are having on our UK wildlife.

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