Roadkill Austria

Help identify roadkill hotspots in Austria

    About this project

    In this project investigates, which animals are killed on roads in Austria and which factors are influencing roadkills. Your data helps scientists identify roadkill hotspots and to mitigate those hotspots in cooperation with local authorities.


    In 2012, 24852 European hare, 36865 Roe deer, 1414 European badgers were killed on roads in Austria. However, there are no data available on the effects of roads on non-huntable wildlife or "red list" species such as European hedgehog or European green toad.


    Roads have a severe impact on many animal species. Animals cross roads when foraging, in mating season (like deer, which cover long distances in search for a mating partner in autumn) or changing from winter to summer habitat (like amphibians). Species which migrate over long distances are especially affected by roadkill.


    Habitat fragmentation is like having a road run right through your house - imagine having to cross a road to get from your living room to your kitchen! Roadkill is one of the main reasons for the population decrease of several animal groups in Austria.


    Roadkill Austria aims to reduce the number of roadkills as much as possible by identifying roadkill "hotspots" on Austrian roads. Your data makes it possible to investigate large geographical areas and determine when (weather, season, ...), where (forest, urban area, field, ...) and on which road types animal are killed. You can report your roadkill observations via the project website or via mobile app for Android and iOS.

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